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Apr 18
Crab is delicious

Crab is delicious

Apr 17

April 17 2014 11:43pm (Thursday)

Gabe came over. He showed me acid and was begging me to take a hit with him sometime in the near future :P I am thinking about it lol. We smoked in my room and then got sushi and looked at bongs on Etsy and watched mtv and then turned off all of the lights and kissed through 16 songs from a Red Hot Chili Peppers Album ;) Ugh. Boys!!!

Apr 17

April 17 2014 3:19pm (Thursday)

  • woke up at 8:15am
  • 220 squats
  • writing class
  • 4 biology quizzes ugh
  • walked to tops to cash my MGF check
  • walked to the bank to deposit $$$$
  • so walked 6 miles total
  • eating
  • probably walking to Wegman’s after for gum bc weed smells lol
  • Gabe is coming over to smoke
  • getting dinner w Gabe
  • hangout/shower 
  • :~~)
Apr 16

April 16 2014 9:24pm (Wednesday)

So…Jake came over! He got here at 4:17pm (lol @ how I remember the exact time of his text) and I walked out and got into his car. We drove around the ghettos of Buffalo and smoked and laughed and listened to Portugal the Man. That’s our band :’) Then, we got back to my dorm and watched a few episodes of Portlandia. We just laugh and talk and kiss and cuddle and I feel so passionate toward him. I’ve never felt like this before; I feel like I have a severe case of middle school puppy love. Then, we walked to get food. My period has been being a bitch today and my cramps were crazyyyy so I just got juice and I used my meal swipe card to buy him a grilled chicken sandwich. Then we sat in the student union and talked while he ate his sandwich. Ugh I’m so smitten. Then, we got back into his car and drove around and smoked again. He teases me that now “I’m a pot head” lol but whatever I love smoking; especially with Jake. Thennnnnnn………we came back up to my room and watched more Portlandia before I walked him out. I hope we become a thing super super soon.

Apr 16

April 16 2014 1:34pm (Wednesday)

Today has been sooooo productive! I woke up, did laundry, studied for my psych exam, did 200 squats, took my psych exam, nutrition lecture, gym (3 mile walk), and read chapter 11 in my psych textbook! Now I’m off to statistics class and then I’m going to hangout with Jake :-) 


Apr 15

listening to Portugal the Man because Jake likes them and I like Jake a lot

(but the band is good too)

Apr 15

April 15 2014 11:44pm (Tuesday)

Today was great! I woke up at 8:15am, did 180 squats, pooped on my own (!!), and got ready. I went to writing class and then I went to the gym where I walked 3.10 miles on the treadmill :P I was freaking out because normally I get my period around 7am every 4th Tuesday but it was 11am and I still didn’t have it. I panicked and thought way too deep, but it was eye opening. I really could end up pregnant; I mean, I’m sexually active and no birth control method is 100%. If I was to get pregnant anytime soon, I would have an open adoption. (ended up getting le period around 2pm lol)

Gabe ended up coming over and we smoked a blunt in my room lol. We covered the smoke detector and smoked out the window. It was nice. Even though it was snowing lol. We watched a documentary on heroin, started one about coke but stopped it because it was grossly graphic, and then watched one on North Korea. Kissing and touching :) but no sex because of my period. I was honestly relieved that he didn’t ask for head because I wasn’t in the mood to give it! He left around 10pm n I showered n now I’m chilling and eating. Feeling great!

Apr 15
Apr 14
Apr 14

April 14 2014 9:24pm

Sitting here grinning like an idiot because Jake makes me so dang happy! I woke up at 8:30, went on a walk because it was 70 degrees (…but it’s supposed to snow tomorrow?!..grrrr…) and then did an ab workout and then went to psychology class. It was just a review session for our test that’s Wednesday :P Then, nutrition lecture ugh lol I hate that class so so much because he is so so monotone. I got a 90 on my midterm from last Monday though! :D Wanted at least a 94 but oh well a 90 is still great. I had an appointment to get STD tested and they said they would call me by Thursday if anything was abnormal and if I didn’t hear back from them that means I am 100% clean :-) Another awesome thing was that I got invited to join alpha lambda delta honor society! Apparently it’s a nationwide honor society for freshman with a 3.5+ GPA AND are in the top 20% of their graduating class! That’s friggin awesome man ;))

Then, I had stats class. Stats is still fun, but it’s definitely getting a hell of a lot harder. Then I ate and hung out and waited for Jake to get here. Jake got here at 4:30 and we drove in his car until we found a nice spot to smoke. I smoked weed for the first time in my life. He coached my through it and I took 2 hits. I liked it a lot. Then, we drove back to Buff State and watched a few episodes of Portlandia :-) Jake and I cuddle and kiss and talk and laugh and we just get each other. I’m dying to be “exclusive” with Jake. Then we went to the student union and I used my meal plan to buy him a sub and chips and a drink and I got a smoothie at Jamba Juice and then we went back to my dorm and watched more Portlandia. He left around 8:30pm and I walked him down to the exit and gave him a kiss goodbye :P

After he left I picked up my packages and got my batman undies and an Easter care package from my mom. :-) My lingerie is from Spencer’s and is sexy af holy shit. My mom got me candies, dark chocolate almonds, a card, a dark chocolate bunny, a luna bar, Annie’s gluten free bunnies, reese’s eggs, and a $25 Wegman’s gift card. I love everything. I showered and now imma eat n chill.

Jake and I plan to smoke n chill n eat again Wednesday :’) :~) :-) :D

Apr 14
Apr 14
Apr 13

April 13 2014 9:42pm (Sunday)

Today was fabulous. It got up to 72 degrees! This winter has been brutal, so the sun was so so so nice :’) I woke up around 12pm when my roommate walked back into the room :P Then, I did 200 squats, took cute lingerie pictures, and studied for my psychology test on Wednesday. I walked to the student union and bought two waters (one for me, one for Gabe when he came over ;D) and then walked to the Lexington Co-op and bought 1 giant apple and walked back to my dorm. I didn’t need to buy an apple, but I wanted to walk lol :P Hmmmm, then Gabe got here at 3pm :-)

We went up to my dorm room and started The Office and got to it. We did about 20 minutes of foreplay and I sucked his dick for a long time but then he said he wanted to have sex and I did too and I rode him for a few minutes until he came. There was so much liquid from me spitting on his dick and sucking it that there were some funny noises while we fucked and we both laughed lol. We watched the season finale of The Office afterwards (because he has never seen it!!!! ha) and cuddled :~) Then we walked for like an hour on Elmwood Avenue. Gabe is coming to Buffalo State College next semester, so I gave him a mini tour and we got Jamba Juice and then got in his car and just drove around. I’m impressed he can drive stick shift and we drove around forever and he just showed me places and gave me a general tour of Buffalo. Gabe and I get along really well. We came back to my dorm and cuddled and watched a documentary on babies and then started a documentary on Katy Perry but my roommate came back from work (it was 9pm) so I walked him down to the entrance of my building and hugged and kissed him goodbye. I’ll see Gabe again Tuesday.

Then, I showered and applied to work at Subway. Food and blogging tonight :-)

Apr 13
Apr 12

April 12 2014 1:50pm (Saturday)

I had the most amazing night last night and morning this morning. Jake got here around 4:30pm and we drove to Niagara Falls. The whole ride there he was showing me his favorite “hippy” artists and it was so nice. I love when people share their favorite music with me. We got to Niagara Falls and walked around for an hour or so. Jake held my hand and it was beautiful; everything was beautiful. Jake is beautiful, the weather was beautiful, and Niagara Falls is a beautiful place. I wore a velvet pencil skirt, a black cropped cardigan, and nice shoes. I felt cute. Then, we started heading back home to my dorm.

We were both hungry so he took me out for a nice fancy dinner. I ordered this giant salad (lettuce, mango, craisins, coconut chicken, walnuts, and poppyseed dressing) and he ordered some turkey bacon sandwich and fries. We both drink water always. He has to pee every half hour it’s honestly adorable I don’t care. We left the restaurant around 8pm and went back to my dorm. He kissed me right when we got into my room and he said “I’ve been waiting so long to do that.”

I’ve never drank alcohol before and since Jake is 23 he wanted me to try something with him. He brought over a 750mL bottle of Jaegermeister. We ended up mixing that with soda (root beer for me, cherry pepsi for him) and watching an entire season of portlandia. I had about 2 and a half drinks and he drank like 1/3 of the bottle lol.

We turned off the tv around 12am and stayed up until 5am kissing and cuddling and touching and foreplay unf. I like Jake so much. I’ve never kissed someone for 5 hours straight wow. And I loved every minute of it! I was teasing him and stripped a little and was grinding on him and he must have said “You have no idea what I want to do to you right now” like 20 times. I’m so smitten. I fell right asleep and we woke up at about 11am and kissed until 1pm and that’s when he left. I like him so much. We’re hanging out on Monday after he gets off work and I can’t wait. So smitten.

Now I’m waiting for Paige to come over so we can do our biology homework. Going for a walk. Showering. Food. Hanging out.